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Leslie & Ben

Ron/Hermione ficlet, inspired by Marta's birthday tribute to Ron here. :D


It was Mum's idea to teach Hermione how to knit. I think that secretly, Mum believes in teaching every member of our family how to do it. She even taught Fred and George when they were much younger, though they would deny it now if you asked them. I know the truth, and believe me, my willingness to blackmail them has saved me from many a prank. As for Hermione, Mum is firmly convinced that she will be a member of the family. She hasn't told me this, of course. She hasn't told anyone. But I can see it in her eyes when she watches them - Ron and Hermione - at the table. I'd be lying if I said I don't agree, but frankly, it's just a little creepy to think about right now. We're teenagers. Ron is a git most of the time. Hermione is my friend and Ron is my brother. Still, we consider Hermione a Weasley, just as we think of Harry. You would think Mum had enough kids already. Apparently not.

When I first saw Hermione's eyebrows furrowed over the orange material clicking away in her needles, I assumed she was making more stuff for Dobby and his friends. But then I thought I saw a jumper taking shape.

"What are you making?" I finally asked her. It seemed a good enough reason to put off Charms homework.

Her face got pink. "A jumper... for Ron's birthday present."

I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say. Only Mum knits stuff for Ron. It seemed like a motherly, old-womanly thing to do. And Hermione should have known that Ron gets so tired of all those jumpers. Still, I didn't want to hurt her feelings, either.

Hermione must have guessed what I was thinking. "I know he always gets them from Mrs. Weasley, but I wanted to make something for him myself. Hand-made presents are the most special, after all. And after he spent so much on that perfume at Christmas..."

"That perfume you've never used," I reminded her.

"It's the thought that counts!" she insisted.

And a good thing, too, I thought, looking at the uneven lines of the jumper. "Unusual" perfume, and a most unusual jumper. Sometimes, before I can banish the thought from my head, I think of their kids one day, and the presents they're doomed to receive.


Harry gave him some kind of broomstick kit, so now I know he won't like my present. Why did I even make it? I should have bought a bag of sweets or offered some kind of homework help or... I don't even want him to unwrap my present now. He laughed when he lifted it up, and even though he said, "The Cannons!" I know it was because the sleeves are just a little crooked, and one's too long. And I know I should have found out what size he wears, but I don't think that would have done much good because I don't know how to knit for a certain size anyway. He's standing up, and he's so tall, and I just know the jumper's wrong, all wrong. Oh -- he just took his shirt off.


The jumper is terribly short and ridiculous, and Harry Potter is an idiot if he thinks I don't know he's snickering behind his hand. But Ron is smiling at me, and orange is a surprisingly good color on him. And the fact that it's too short to hide his stomach is actually kind of.....

It's wrong. All wrong.


She signed it, "Love from Hermione." Love from Hermione. This is the best birthday ever.


She signed it, "Love from Hermione." Love from Hermione. This is the best birthday ever.

Oh, perfect.
I love this fic! It's so warm and fuzzy and it makes me want to read more Ron/Hermione stories.

Yay! You're writing! Now just keep at it. ;)
This is the best Ron's birthday ficlet ever.

Thank you!
Awwwwwwwwwwwww! :)
Deeee, as you might have noticed I gave up on R/Hr a while ago (not because I think it won't happen, of course it will, I just don't want it to anymore =P) but that was really, really good! I love your fluff.
Awwwwwww..... that goes with the picture perfectly!
It's so cute! Thanks for this ficlet Dee ! in a few lines you make a whole world exist. It fits perfectly with Marta's drawing.
Aww! I haven't read Ron/Hermione in the longest time and I'd forgotten how cute it is.

I adore you, by the way. =D
This is adorable.

She signed it, "Love from Hermione."

You have no idea how tickled I am that you noticed this. :P
Aww. So cute. Your ficlets always serve as nourishment for the soul. :)
Lovely job. Renews my faith in the good ship...
This is the best birthday ever.

Dee, everytime you write a ficlet you surpass yourself, you know that? I LOVED this one! :D

I was in a hurry earlier but now that I've settled down... I love the ficlet; it's so cute and sweet. It totally fits the picture too, so yay. :)

Yay! I'm glad you liked it, Marta. :D
SO gorgeous! Fits the art perfectly. :~D
That was fantastic- what a lovely little pressie for us all (even if it was Ron's birthday!).

If you were wondering who the frilly heck I am then I followed the link in seviets journal. I wanted to comment because I enjoyed it so much :)

- puddleduck
Haha, I love it! :D *grins for the world to see*
That was cute. ;) hehe
Here through friendsfriends...I just have to tell you how adorable this is. I just loved it. :)
*clings to your leg*

That was adorable!!
*squish!* That was adorable. I love Hermione's thoughts, though like the others, I have to agree Ron's part was the best.
She signed it, "Love from Hermione." Love from Hermione. This is the best birthday ever.

seconded. That was the most adorable thing ever.
I love it! I'm adding it to my memories so I could read it more and more :) the last line is pure brilliance!
oh yeah, sorry you don't know me I was directed here from Marta's journal :)
Oh, that's lovely :)
That was utterly adorable, and fits the picture perfectly! :D
Totally cute and well-spotted. :)
Got here from friendsfriends and just had to tell you how lovely this ficlet is! You just put a smile on my face that I'm sure will last the whole day. Thank you for posting it! :)
I just love the last line, nice ficlet!
Very sweet one..! I like it..! I made some mess while reading, and I had to red it twice, to understand it completely..!^^'' Nice work!!


Here through Marta's journal... (though I'm totally a lurker) and I had to let you know that this was absolutely adorable. I love how all of Ron's thoughts are on the way she signed the tag. It doesn't matter that the jumper fits horribly, she signed it "Love from..."

*Fluffy sigh*
Awww, really cute!
awwww great fic! i usually dont read ff. but i dont mind if its only r/h. lol but this is adorable! it fits the picture so well. good impromptu writing. oh btw... is that ginny narrating the first part? i got confused....
That is so so so cute! I loved it!
So fluffy! Wonderful. :D
I loved it, so sweet and innocent and romantic and lovely and I'm rambling but this was really sweet. And I just loved the last line.


a lovely ficlet with a lovely ending :)
Awww that was so cute!


This was so so so so so so so so so so so so sweet. Who would have thought Hermione would be able knit (even if it isn't very well) perfect r/h so very ron. awwwwwwwwwwwww she signed it love and he loves her awwwwwwwwwwwwww


Ah, it was so sweet and amazing!!! I LOVED IT!!!

And it was nice and short and I think I just spent the last half hour reading it over and over again. And it just keeps getting better everytime!! :)